10TradeFxInvestment Advice division, is authorized and regulated by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission license no. 248/14 (CySEC).

Built on its consolidated experience in the foreign exchange (FX) market, our in-house team have combined with AFXANTS, to offer our investors access to a powerful system.

AFXANTS is a premier financial news and investing system, providing investors worldwide with access to market analysis and news for Forex, CFD’s, commodities, metals, and the Global Major Indices. Thanks to a suite of expert advisors, AFXANTS publishes in-depth articles on all aspects of the financial market.

The Afxants system allows our clients, the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing landscape of the financial markets. With real-time market analysis across hundreds of instruments on multiple time frames, you are notified where to focus you attention to get the greatest possibility of returns. This also allows you to trade more confidently, as it creates an unbiased approach without fear and greed.

It will be at the clients’ discretion whether they wish to place trades on the basis of the Company’s Technical Analysis. It is noted that under no circumstances will the Company place trades on behalf of its clients.

10TradeFx will consider the information submitted during suitability assessment in order to verify whether clients remain suitable for the new investment strategy of the Signal Provider.

All trading involves risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.