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Forex Currencies
Trade over 40 currency pairs, with low tight spreads and leverage up to 1:500.

Forex (Foreign exchange) is the world’s largest and most volatile market, where a currency pair is traded against another, expecting their rates to rise or fall.

10TradeFX offers more than 40 major, minor and exotic currency pairs to trade with some of the tightest spreads, starting at 0.1 pips.

FX PairContract SizeMinimum Spread
EURUSD0.01-1.000.0 pips
GBPUSD0.01-1.000.2 pips
USDJPY0.01-1.000.0 pips
AUDUSD0.01-1.000.3 pips
USDCAD0.01-1.000.3 pips
Commodities Trading
Trade metals, energies and agricultural commodities with low margin requirements.

Commodities are considered an important asset to diversify a trading portfolio beyond traditional securities, especially during unusual market volatility.

10TradeFX allows you to trade the most popular commodities from around the world, including Crude Oil, Brent, Natural Gas and Spot Gold.

CommodityMarginMinimum Spread
GOLD2%25 points
SILVER2%2 points
WTI OIL (spot)1%2 points
Brent OIL (spot)1%3 points
Stock Indices
Expand your investment by trading global indices with no commissions and no hidden fees.

Indices represent market sectors as a whole and have the benefit of allowing traders to speculate on a chain of stocks rather than a standalone stock.

Without even buying shares in the underlying assets, traders can forecast whether an index will rise or fall by taking an overall look in macro-economic, political or natural factors that affect indices market, such as inflation, unemployment rates, economic growth or man-made disasters.

10TradeFX allows you to trade on major stock indices, such as the UK FTSE 100, German DAX and Nikkei.
  • Gain exposure from minimal investment and low margins
  • Flexible leverage to manage your level of risk
  • Opportunity to diversify your trading strategies
Shares Logos 1
Shares Trading
Trade the world’s most popular companies such as Apple, Tesla or Amazon.

Diversify your portfolio and gain exposure when a share is rising or falling. Take advantage of the price movements as a leverage to maximize your earnings.

A wide selection of popular, global stocks are listed in our MetaTrader 4 platform, with low margin requirements and competitive commission.

Swap LongSwap Short
Description1 Lot Sizein pointsin points
BTCUSD1 bitcoin-3750-3750Mon. – Fri. 00.00 – 24:00
ETHUSD1 Ethereum-450-450Mon. – Fri. 00.00 – 24:00
LTCUSD1 Litecoin-9-9Mon. – Fri. 00.00 – 24:00
XRPUSD1 Ripple-8-8Mon. – Fri. 00.00 – 24:00
DOGUSD1 Dogecoin-40-55Mon. – Fri. 00.00 – 24:00
ADAUSD1 Cardano-52-32Mon. – Fri. 00.00 – 24:00
Swap LongSwap Short
Description1 Lot Sizein pointsin points
Bitcoin1 bitcoin0024/7 non-stop
Ethereum1 Ethereum0024/7 non-stop
Litecoin1 Litecoin0024/7 non-stop
Ripple1 Ripple0024/7 non-stop
Stellar1 Stellar0024/7 non-stop
BitcoinCash1 BitcoinCash0024/7 non-stop
Polkadot1 Polkadot0024/7 non-stop
Chainlink1 Chainlink0024/7 non-stop
EOS1 EOS0024/7 non-stop
Swap LongSwap Short
Description1 Lot Sizein pointsin points
Bitcoin1 bitcoin0024/7 non-stop
Sandbox NFTs1 NFT0024/7 non-stop
Axie Infinity NFTs1 NFT0024/7 non-stop
Gala Games NFTs1 NFT0024/7 non-stop
Enjin Coin NFTs1 NFT0024/7 non-stop
Decentral NFTs1 NFT0024/7 non-stop
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At 10TradeFX, when it comes to Forex and CFDs trading, we’re committed to offering our clients the most advanced and powerful trading gears in a range of markets.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader, our robust MetaTrader 5 trading platform allows you to trade the markets with competitive spreads and transparent pricing.

Why invest with Us?
  • Stable, high-speed DMA/STP order execution
  • Raw competitive spreads as low as 0.0 pips
  • Instant access to the interbank market with no dealing desks
  • Low margin requirements, leverage of up to 1:500
  • Trade Forex and CFD markets through robust MetaTrader 5
  • Safety of funds under segregated accounts in AA graded banks
  • Personalized customer service support 24 hours a day
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